What does high school have to do with Occupy Wall Street?

The situation of high schoolers across the country is exactly the same as everyone else: We go to school everyday to learn that this country we’re living in is a democracy. Then we look around: What we see doesn’t match what we hear.

OccupyAdams is John Adams High’s Occupation and 99% Mobilization. Located in South Bend, IN, with a school population of about 2,000 and an average teacher salary of $50,000, it’s not hard to see the magnitude of influence every cut to the budget has over our day-to-day lives.

We stand in solidarity with students all over the country who cannot stand by as their futures are traded in for a buck. We cannot be silent as our education is ransacked, our schools gutted, and the budget of the country is balanced, yet again, on our backs. We will not accept the corporate take-over of another civil, public institution. The conversation about education cannot continue to be one-sided. We have a voice–and we will fight for that right.

Please take a look at both our ISSUES page, and that of occupyhighschool.org. Each school has its own problems, and JA is no exception–but don’t let that be the whole picture: Only when each of our grievances is set against a larger, national backdrop, do they begin to take shape.

On this site, you can

  • Redirect to sign a national letter of protest 
  • Organize with classmates using the IDEAS page
  • Add content by leaving a comment or emailing occupyadams@gmail.com
  • Stay informed about issues specific to the SBCSC Occupation

Contact: Leave a comment or email occupyadams@gmail.com


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