Day of Action

Occupy Education has announced March 1 as a “National Day of Action.”

In a recent post by, it was suggested that this date was too soon–schools don’t have time to organize, whatever they may be doing. But it doesn’t look like the date will change, even though OWS is saving its big plans for spring–especially Occupy Chicago, since the NATO and G-8 Summits are being held in that city in May. At the very least, March 1 is a good starting point: far enough away from the end of the school year, it will be the inaugural date of JA’s Occupation.

So, what should we do? OccupyEd has left it up to each school to decide what their action will be. March 1, 2012, will be a Thursday–one that is just barely a month away. That doesn’t give us much time to plan, and, while a successful walk-out is impossible for a school like Adams (it becomes a major safety issue), we cannot let that prevent us from acting.

Some schools in Washington state are calling for supporting students and teachers to all wear the same color. Others are having 2 minutes of silence during the school day. We could also have a push for signatures for the letter on the main OHS page or do an awareness campaign. This could (maybe) lead to teach-ins for Government classes, and much more. But keep in mind that Adams is a big public school and we don’t want to do anything rule-breaking.

So please leave a comment, and keep the conversation going!


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